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ACM SAC 2008 - Track on Dependable and Adaptive Distributed Systems

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Distributed systems, services and databases are at the core of the information society and increasingly pervade many aspects of our daily lives. While mobility and pervasiveness require support for systems that adapt themselves to changing environments, resources, and user needs, the middleware infrastructures become more and more heterogeneous and complex. This trend is further fueled by the emergence of service oriented computing. In addition, we can see an increasing demand for dependability and security of such systems, taking into account the software as well as the surrounding environment. This mismatch between increasing demand for dependability on one hand and a degradation of dependability caused by complexity, scale, and dynamics has recently been termed by Laprie as the "dependability gap". Generally, adaptiveness can either satisfy a change in user requirements or seek to fulfill the same requirements in a changing system context and environment. In particular, adaptation is also a means to achieve dependability in a computing infrastructure with dynamically varying structure and properties. Dependability and adaptiveness are cross-cutting concerns, driven by architectural decisions, design, and flexibility. Therefore, the focus of this track is on middleware support for dependability and adaptiveness of distributed software systems and service environments of any kind and on methods on designing and engineering them. More info
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