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Open Replication of Databases

Database replication is a key technology for the long-term competitiveness of today's businesses. In this novel context, replication technology is faced with new requirements. First, enterprise-wide availability should take into account legacy information systems. Moreover, open markets and a globalized economy also mean that wide-area support is required not only by large business but also by small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which inevitably raises security issues. Finally, wider applicability of database technology calls for highly scalable DBMSs.

The resulting heterogeneity, geographical dispersion, and scale have a profound impact on the applicability of replication techniques. The wider applicability of DBMS also calls for an increased concern with cost.

The goal of the GORDA project is to foster database replication as a means to address the challenges of trust, integration, performance, and cost in current database systems underlying the information society. This is to be achieved by standardizing architecture and interfaces, and by sparking their usage with a comprehensive set of components ready to be deployed.

Project Details

GORDA is Supported by the European Community under the Sixth European Union Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, thematic priority Information Society Technologies

Contract no: 004758

Project type:Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project
Start date:1 October 2004
Duration:42 Months
EU funding:EUR 1.250.000

University of Minho
Contact:Rui Oliveira

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