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D3.2 - Cluster Oriented Protocols Report

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This document reports on the work that has been performed on the evaluation, selection and development of strong consistent, group based, database replication protocols suited for cluster settings. We chose to select protocols representative of three different categories: the Database State Machine protocol and a novel extension, the NOn-Disjoint conflict classes and Optimistic Multicast, and the Sequoia (previously known as C-JDBC) protocols. In this report we describe each protocol in detail, with particular attention to the vDBSM extension to DBSM which has been designed in the context of the project. Together with the description of the vDBSM and load balancing techniques that boost the performance of the DBSM-like protocols, we present a preliminary performance evaluation of these techniques. Current work is considering a more detailed protocol implementation of the vDBSM as well as the development of a novel hybrid protocol aimed at gracefully handling specific subsets of real-world workloads. These results will soon be presented as an addendum to this report.

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