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D2.1 - Preliminary architecture and APIs Report

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This document describes the GORDA Architecture and Programming Interface (GAPI), which enables independent development of database management systems (DBMS) and database replication systems.
The GAPI provides the means for efficiently intercepting, observing, and modifying transaction processing in a DBMS independent fashion. Generic interfaces for management and communication are also provided, respectively, to support autonomic management and group communication.
In detail, this document is structured as follows:
  • Section 2 summarizes concepts and assumptions, referring to available standards where appropriate. This includes describing the architecture of a non-replicated DBMS that serves as a baseline for comparison.
  • Section 3 describes the generic GORDA Architecture, its components and relations. It also describes several concrete refinements for different implementation scenarios.
  • Section 4 describes GORDA Programming Interfaces exhibited by each component.
  • Section 5 illustrates the usefulness of the GAPI by showing how it can be used to implement various replication protocols.

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