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D1.1 - State of the Art Report

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The goal of the GORDA project is to foster research, development and deployment of database replication solutions. This is to be achieved by standardizing architecture and interfaces, and by sparking their usage with a comprehensive set of components ready to be deployed. In detail, the project aims at:
  • Promoting the interoperability of DBMSs and replication protocols by defining generic architecture and interfaces that can be standardized. Reference implementations of the resulting implementations are provided in existing open-source DBMSs.
  • Providing general-purpose and widely applicable database replication protocols for large-scale systems.
  • Providing uniform techniques and tools for managing secure and heterogeneous replicated database systems. This means supporting at architectural and protocol levels complex environments by addressing partial replication, distributed execution and crossborder security issues.
  • Providing an interim middleware-based solution that allows immediate integration of current DBMSs where replication interfaces cannot be natively implemented, thus supporting the standardization effort.

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