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D1.3 - Strategic Research Directions Report

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This document is builds on deliverables D1.1 (State of the Art) and D1.2 (User Requirements) to update and detail the strategic research directions identified in the DoW. Research in the scope of the GORDA project will be carried in four main areas required to the fulfillment of the main project goals: Architecture, database replication protocols, group communication protocols, and management tools. These are detailed in the next sections. In short, we identify the following strategic research directions:
  • An architecture that abstracts interaction between database management systems and replication protocols.
  • Replication protocols for interconnected clusters for both performance and high-availability with emphasis on write scalability.
  • Hybridization and development of current database replication protocols based on group communication to provide widely applicable practical solutions.
  • Study of the performance and dependability characteristics of database replication protocols in different environments and workloads.
  • Recovery protocols that interoperate with the proposed database replication protocols and provide high performance and fault-tolerant reconfiguration.
  • Optimization of implementations and interfaces of group communication protocols in current environments and database replication workloads.
  • Innovative strategies for adapting, reducing, or masking the cost of total order in group communication systems.
  • Interfaces, mechanisms and strategies for autonomic management of replicated database systems.

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