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Implementation of the GORDA Interface in Apache Derby.


Derby/G is a research prototype implementing the GORDA Architecture and Programming Interface (GAPI) on Apache Derby. This implementation is tightly coupled with the database server and aims at fully demonstrating the GORDA Interface.

Note that an implementation of the GAPI does not provide a complete replication solution. A replication protocol, such as the ESCADA Replication Server, is required.


Derby/G is distributed as a complete package containing all code and documentation required to run simple replicators. It is available under the open source Apache License version 2.0.

Download here (current release: 0.3).


As of release 0.3, the Derby implementation of the GAPI provides:

  • Updated to the latest version of Derby (;
  • Updated to the latest version of GAPI;
  • Removed the need for adding properties to reflect parts of the GAPI;
  • Changed the code in order to be compatible with Spring.

As of release 0.2, the Derby implementation of the GAPI provides:

  • partial database, transaction, and request contexts;
  • partial object-set processor.

In particular, integration with RMI to support remote access to the the database reflector is planned for future versions.


We welcome your feedback using the community mailing list.

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