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Project deliverables and early prototypes available to the community.
Community GORDA Architecture and Programming Interface
Interfaces for portable replication protocols.
Community PostgreSQL/G
Implementation of the GORDA Interface in PostgreSQL.
Community Derby/G
Implementation of the GORDA Interface in Apache Derby.
Community ESCADA Replication Server
Flexible replication server supporting eager multi-master protocols.
Community jGCS: Group Communication Service
Generic interface for group communication supporting Appia, JGroups and Spread.
Community Appia
Group communication aimed at efficiently supporting database replication.
Community Sequoia
Middleware-based database clustering, load-balancing and failover solution.
Community Mailing List
Announcements, discussion, and support of GORDA technologies and prototypes.
Community ACARA
A Flexible Replication Protocol for Demanding Transactional Workloads

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